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What Is a Portable, Modular Conveyor System?

A portable, modular conveyor system is a type of conveyor belt system that can be easily relocated and reconfigured. It’s a lightweight, yet durable solution that can benefit various applications. 

In terms of portability, this type of conveyor system can be easily assembled and disassembled. It’s low weight and simple design make it simple for users to relocate the system to wherever their operations require it. 

In terms of modular design, this type of conveyor system is sold in various conveyor sections (modules). Each conveyor section can then be added onto, removed, and reconfigured to meet whatever length and shape your application requires

What Should I Use to Power My Rapid-Veyor Conveyor System?

To maximize the portability of the Rapid-Veyor conveyor system, many customers choose to run off a generator. Our recommendation is to use one generator for each motorized section or drop-in drive. Going with a small 1000-watt or 2000-watt generator will provide you with maximum portability.

How Much Weight Can the Rapid-Veyor Hold?

The Rapid-Veyor conveyor system was built for light-duty applications. It’s rated for 800 lbs. of live load over 100’ of conveyor.

What Size Do Your Modular Conveyor Sections Come In?

Our modular conveyor sections come in 12.5’ or 20’ lengths. The conveyor sections all have a 10” wide belt. These sections can be combined to create a chain as long as you’d like. Keep in mind that one drop-in drive can power a length of modular conveyor sections up to 100’.

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