Conveyor Systems for Small Business Warehousing

Keeping your operations smooth and organized

Simplify Warehouse Processes with Rapid-Veyor

As a small business owner, keeping your warehouse organized and optimized can be one of your most challenging yet important tasks. Customers want their orders shipped on time, and you must store, organize, and transport your product effectively to ensure that happens. Rapid-Veyor’s portable, modular conveyor system can help. 

There are many uses for a conveyor belt in a warehouse environment: material handling, order fulfillment, truck loading, etc. Our portable, modular conveyor solution can accommodate them all. 

greenhouse conveyor belt
greenhouse conveyor belt

What Makes Rapid-Veyor Ideal for Small Business Warehouse Applications?

  • Durable materials suitable for unique grow room environments
  • 12.5’ and 20’ modular conveyor sections that connect easily via Drop ‘N Lock design
  • Versatility to configure modular conveyor sections in any length and shape you need
  • Stand-up or on-ground operation for optimal employee comfort and convenience
  • Drop-in drive solutions that can power up to 100’ of conveyor, in forward and reverse
  • Lightweight design for easy portability and reconfiguration
  • Factory-direct sales and best-in-class technical support 
  • Affordable cost (especially compared to other grow room automation technologies)

Will all of these features and capabilities, you’ll be able to take your warehouse processes to the next level. No more missed orders, dissatisfied costumes, or cranky employees — just profitable, well-run operations. Choose Rapid-Veyor

Learn More About Portable, Modular Conveyor Systems for Small Business Warehousing

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Small Business Warehousing Conveyor FAQs

Is the Rapid-Veyor an Automated Warehouse Technology?

The Rapid-Veyor conveyor system is not automated. However, it is still a technological innovation that can help you save on labor and other operational costs. 

For many small businesses, the switch to automation can’t be an overnight change — either due to financial or time-based constraints. The Rapid-Veyor is a helpful tool that you can implement and use to streamline processes right away. Plus, it’s much more affordable than true forms of warehouse automation.

How Will a Conveyor Boost Manufacturing Productivity & Profitability?

A portable, modular conveyor system from Rapid-Veyor can boost your factory’s productivity and profitability tenfold. Its lightweight, portable design enables you to move it easily around your floor. Its modular engineering enables you to configure and reconfigure the system as needed, ensuring the most convenient and comfortable layout for your employees to get work done.

Move products safely and quickly, maximize comfort for your employees, reduce labor costs, and enjoy reliable, reconfigurable operation for years — all with Rapid-Veyor.

How Much Weight Can a Rapid-Veyor Conveyor Hold?

The Rapid-Veyor conveyor system was built for light-duty applications. It’s rated for 800 lbs. of live load over 100’ of conveyor. It’s a great fit for transporting plants, bags of soil, and more grow room materials and equipment.

What Size Do Your Modular Conveyor Sections Come In?

Our modular conveyor sections come in 12.5’ or 20’ lengths. The conveyor sections all have a 10” wide belt. These sections can be combined to create a chain as long as you’d like. Keep in mind that one drop-in drive can power a length of modular conveyor sections up to 100’.

Other Industries We Serve

Commercial cannabis facilities are just one of our key market segments. We’re also proud to provide portable, modular conveyor systems for these industries:

Loading Conveyor Belt

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