4 Ways Modular Conveyor Belts Benefit SMBs

For most SMBs, growth is a top priority. You’re always looking for the small changes that can make a big difference at your company, and set you ahead of the competition. Whether it’s finding ways to offer faster service to your customers, or solutions that can help you get more work done in less time, boosting efficiency and productivity are certainly the best ways to get your company ahead. And one great solution that can help you do that and more, is a modular conveyor belt. Here are four ways modular conveyor belts can help SMBs grow:

#1 Speed Up Packaging Processes

If your SMB has to do any kind of packaging, from packaging and sending out parts to shipping out individual orders, a modular conveyor belt can help. For processes like this, the assembly line method has always been one of the fastest solutions. You can use modular conveyors to send boxes down the line as employees fill them. You can even use modular conveyors to send packaged products right into your transportation vehicle. 

#2 Minimize Transportation Time

For nearly any company, but especially for SMBs with large warehouses, transportation time can be a big efficiency killer. When your employees have to physically walk a product or package from one side of the warehouse to another, that’s essentially dead time. Modular conveyor belts minimize this transportation time and make it easier to get more work done with fewer employees. 

Instead of having all hands on deck to unload a shipment, you can set up a modular conveyor at the base of a truck, and have just one employee unload parcels onto that conveyor. The parcels move quickly down the conveyor and to their destination, where just one more employee can handle the unloading process. 

#3 Customizability Ensures a Multitude of Applications

Conveyor belts are often used in large companies but in fixed applications. For SMBs, this isn’t always a practical solution. Your processes likely change day-to-day, and even sometimes from hour-to-hour. If you’re just growing your business, a large bulky conveyor system that isn’t adaptable is more likely to get in your way than it is to help your company grow. 

Modular conveyor belts are designed for customizability. They’re built so you can take them out, use them, and put them away in just a few steps. For example, if you have just one or two days of the week where your process and package orders, you can set your modular conveyor up for that application, and then easily put it away when the packaging is done.

Customizability is what makes a modular conveyor belt such a great option for SMBs. You’re not always doing the same thing every day, which means you don’t have the space for a fixed conveyor system. A lightweight modular conveyor belt offers all of the same perks, plus the customizability that means you can use them for a variety of applications across your business. 

#4 Taking the First Step to Automation

Automation is the wave of the future. For many SMBs, it’s clear that you need to implement automation, but often automated technology can be cost-prohibitive, and poorly suited to your business needs. The goal of automation is to boost your company’s efficiency and profitability, and modular conveyor belts offer you that first step to automation, without the major investment a more permanent system would require. 

With a modular conveyor belt, you can easily try out different process configurations to see where automation would best benefit your SMB. Then, when you’ve determined where that conveyor is most useful, you can leave it there and invest in another modular conveyor to address other processes within your facility. 

For any SMB, growth is always a top priority. With flexible, customizable solutions like modular conveyor belts, you can work to increase productivity and efficiency while your company grows. Modular conveyor belts are able to grow with you, suiting your production and packaging needs as they change and expand. 

Interested in a modular conveyor belt that could help your SMB grow? Talk to the team at Rapid-Veyor. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about implementing a conveyor belt in your warehouse or facility.

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