How to Improve Warehouse Efficiency While Maintaining Social Distancing

It’s no secret that the world has changed in the past two years. Everyone has had to adjust and adapt to the new situations we’ve been faced with since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when problems arise, solutions must follow.

Adapting to fluctuating COVID-19 protocols in the workplace can be challenging. If you work in a warehouse or manufacturing facility, your top priority is to keep employees safe, and you’re likely looking for ways to do so that maintain productivity. Business must go on, and it is up to businesses themselves to face challenges head-on and maintain efficiency while still adhering to protocols and rules related to the pandemic.

3 Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency While Maintaining Social Distancing

Though things are different now, there are still a few ways to improve warehouse efficiency while maintaining safety and promoting the health and well-being of all employees. Social distancing has become a must, and many companies have introduced fixes that have been key in allowing businesses to maintain production while still remaining on the right side of restrictions. Here are just a few methods that manufacturers and warehouses are implementing with notable success: 

01. Contained Workstations

As companies have welcomed employees back to in-person work, some changes have been made in the layout of a warehouse. Companies have stressed distances of at least 6 feet between employees, and to accomplish that, many facilities are seeing success with defined and contained workstations for each employee. Those who stay stationary throughout the shift, whether on a specific part of the production line or working at the security gate, can stay protected thanks to the defined space of their workstation.

These workstations typically contain all of the materials an employee might need, like packing materials, tape, necessary electronics, and even a chair or a stool, ensuring that person can complete every task efficiently without having to encroach on another’s space. 

02. Plexiglass Dividers

Another key social distancing addition to workspaces has been plexiglass dividers and other divisions that keep employees separated by a wall of some kind. These movable screens prevent the transmission of separate germs, and are useful for warehouses that have packing or assembly lines where employees need to move, but may also be stationary in one part of the line for a short period of time. So long as these screens reach the recommended 6ft height for proper health safety, they’re a simple, and space-saving option to keep workers safely separated, without impacting the flow of daily operations. 

03. Conveyor Belts

There’s always a way to make things move just a little bit faster and make production even more efficient, and conveyor belts are the perfect solution. Conveyor belts can make all the difference in keeping workplaces healthy, while also ensuring that work gets done at a quick pace. Multi-functional and portable modular conveyors like the Rapid-Veyor belt are effective in several different settings, helping workers stay socially distant while completing the following tasks:

Loading Trucks

To operate a truck-loading conveyor belt, simply take the belt and run it from the back of the truck to unload. The belt is easily sloped if loading docks are unavailable. With the help of a conveyor belt, a truck can be loaded or unloaded with just two employees, who are kept safely apart by the length of the belt itself. 

Production Areas

Take a few sections of a portable modular conveyor belt and use them for packaging, sorting, planting, or installing decorative sleeves. The use of different sections of the belt makes for a versatile material handling conveyor that has the ability to improve production in a variety of different industries. Sections of the belt can be directly on the ground or can bring the conveyor up to waist level.

Again, because portable conveyor belts are customizable in length, you can extend the space between employees in the production line to ensure everyone has the healthy space they need. It’s a fast way to implement warehouse optimization, and because portable conveyors can be easily stored away, it’s also the perfect solution for non-daily tasks. 

Delivering Product to Different Areas of the Warehouse

Instead of having employees move product from one area of the warehouse to another, product can be loaded onto conveyor belts. Again, this eliminates the need for team members to work closely together, as one person can load the conveyor, and the other can unload. This also improves efficiency by reducing the hands needed to convey product across the space. 

In the past two years, facilities across the world have adapted to new methods of working, implementing safety measures that keep employees healthy, without disrupting workflow. These are just three ways your warehouse can improve productivity while respecting social distancing, but they should provide a helpful start. If you’re interested in learning more about the Rapid-Veyor and its many applications, get in touch with our team today!

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