12” and NEW 18” Wide Portable Modular Conveyor (PMC) [Drive Section]

Our Portable Modular Conveyor systems are engineered to improve efficiency while increasing labor savings. We offer 12” and 18” wide PMCs, and they are both available in 12.5’ or 20’ long individual sections that seamlessly connect with our collection of parts and accessories for optimal versatility. All models can plug into any 120 VAC outlet or generator.

The 18” Wide Portable Modular Conveyor is our newest product. It shares the same design as the proven 12” PMC, except it’s wider. Now, we can easily accommodate all your conveyor needs. 

Unlike many other conventional conveyors that operate at fixed speeds and in one direction, our systems feature multi-directional capabilities and variable speed control. The conveyor beds are expertly crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum, offering portability and resilience. Plus, they’re made in the USA and are backed by a two-year warranty.

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Portable Conveyor Belt Product Description

The 12” and 18” Wide Portable Conveyor Belts can be utilized for various applications and in conjunction with our other parts and accessories to maximize efficiency. Our additions include: 

  • Non-Motor Section: can be used in conjunction with a Drive Section or Drop-In Drive 
  • Drop-In Drive-A: a self-contained motor that can be added to any Non-motor section and is positioned vertically "above" the belt
  • Drop-In Drive-B: a self-contained motor that can be added to any Non-motor section and is positioned vertically "below" the belt
  • Tripod Stand: used to rest the conveyor on and can be adjusted to different heights
  • Inside Corner Kit: a wheel and mounting hardware to handle "inside" cornering duties
  • Outside Corner Kit: a guide and mounting hardware to handle "outside" product cornering duties
  • Photo Eye Stop Kit: attaches to the controller of the drive section or the drop-in drive to cause products on the belt to stop the motor when the product breaks the photo beam, then resume movement when the product is moved and the beam is restored
  • Storage Cart: stores and transports up to 100' of conveyor 

Our two DID options include Drop-In Drive-A and Drop-In Drive-B. Drop-In Drive-A is positioned above the conveyor bed, which helps run the belt on the ground or on benches. Drop-In Drive-B hangs below the conveyor bed and is perfect for products that are wider than the bed because it keeps the top free of obstruction. 

Our DID systems can add power to any non-motorized section of the conveyor system. You can add the DID system to expand your system to over 100’. Or, you can create a short conveyor using a couple of Non-Motor conveyors on a bench or stand. 

Our additional accessories take your PMC system to the next level and allow you to craft the perfect conveyor to fit your needs. When you invest in a Rapid-Veyor Portable Modular Conveyor, it will be like you just extended your arms by 100 feet!

Please Note: Different width conveyors are not compatible. 18" wide conveyors only connect to 18" wide, and can only be powered by 18" wide drive sections and 18" wide DID. 12" wide conveyors only connect to 12" wide, and can only be powered by 12" wide drive sections and 12" wide DID. Products can still easily flow from one size PMC to another if the systems are positioned end-to-end. but they will not be able to share mechanical power. 


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