Drop In Drive for Portable Modular Conveyor (PMC)

Our portable conveyor is available in 12.5′ or 20′ sections that connect together with our Drop-N-Lock system. Using a rugged steel shaft to transfer power from one section to another, up to 100′ can be powered with just one drive section. The optional cart makes storage & mobility easy.

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Our Drop In Drive (DID) system that adds power to any slave section of conveyor.  This unique option makes our PMC extremely versatile! Add the DID in line with a 100’ run stretching to 150’ or more, or set up a short conveyor using a couple of slave conveyors on a bench or stands.

Attach the DID on the end and convey product to the front of the trailer.  As the trailer begins to fill, remove one section after another, working your way out of the trailer.  This power unit weighs approximately 40 lbs and uses 110V AC.