Can a Portable Conveyor Belt Improve SMB Productivity?

For small businesses, productivity is everything. Most SMBs function on smaller profit margins, which means the more you can get done in less time, and for less overhead cost, the better your ability to grow your company. For a number of small businesses, from packaging and delivery facilities to those in light manufacturing industries, portable conveyor belts offer a versatile range of productivity-improving solutions. 

Portable conveyor belts can help boost SMB productivity in a variety of applications. If you’re looking for a way to streamline processes and reduce non-value-added labor, here are a few ways portable conveyor belts contribute to greater productivity:

Reduce Non-Value Added Labor

Whether it’s moving product from the storeroom to the shelf or off of a delivery vehicle, moving materials is one of the processes every business has to deal with. For many applications, especially those in light manufacturing and packaging, you’re working to move a lot of product. The faster and more efficiently you can do it, the more profitable your SMB will become. 

Portable conveyor belts help to reduce the non-value-added labor associated with moving and handling products. This frees your employees and staff up to do more important tasks that require their skilled labor. When you’re spending less time and capital just moving product, your employees are able to get more of their complex tasks done, contributing to your SMB’s overall productivity. 

Help Implement Efficient Processes

Implementing standardized processes is a great way to save time for any SMB. No matter your industry, there are likely a few things you do every day, and even most of the day. When you implement portable conveyor belts at your SMB to facilitate some of those standardized processes, you’re able to implement greater efficiency, at a relatively low cost.

For example, just-in-time delivery of product to someone who is loading packages, shelves, or delivery trucks is a key way to ensure you’re getting everything where it needs to go, efficiently.  But, it can be difficult for smaller businesses to invest in higher-cost solutions like tugger carts and heavy-duty permanent conveyor belts that would traditionally present that material to the operator. 

Portable conveyor belts allow you to e enable just-in-time delivery of products to your team at a more affordable cost. An additional benefit comes in the conveyor’s portability. You can move and adapt your conveyor line to adjust to your processes as your business grows, ensuring you’re always fostering productivity, even as your business needs flex and change. 

Streamline Irregular Deliveries and Packaging Processes

One of the most common threats to small business productivity is the fact that for you, every day does not look the same. While you might have some processes that are consistent and standardized, you likely have many others that are not. 

For example, you may get deliveries on one day, and have another day reserved for the majority of your packaging operations. When your team isn’t doing the same thing every day, it’s difficult to streamline operations in a way that can boost your facility’s productivity. 

Portable conveyor belts help to improve productivity by providing the versatile solution your facility needs to respond to all of the different processes that you experience in a given week. Portable conveyor belts can easily be lengthened, shortened, or moved to suit any application. Let’s say, for example, that your SMB packages most of your orders on Mondays. 

Monday morning, your staff can set up a portable conveyor belt that easily moves product and filled packages down an assembly line. When your packaging activities are complete, the portable conveyor is easily broken down and moved to the next process, or stored away until it’s needed again. 

A portable conveyor belt provides all the functionality you need to streamline those irregular deliveries and packaging processes, plus the versatility to support other processes on different days or to be stored out of the way when it’s not needed. This helps free up space on your facility floor and boost overall productivity. 

A portable conveyor belt is a great, simple way to boost your company’s productivity, without investing more than you have. For more information about how the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyors work, and if they might be right for you, get in touch with our team today! Give us a call at 616-662-0954 or contact us online

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