Portable Modular Conveyor

Perfect for a variety of light-duty applications

The Most Versatile Conveyor System on the Market

Utilizing aluminum construction and other first-rate components, we’re proud to deliver a durable, versatile conveyor system to our customers. Our equipment is built for years of reliable service and suitable for various industries.

Our portable conveyor is available in 12.5′ or 20′ sections that connect together with our Drop-N-Lock system. Using a rugged steel shaft to transfer power from one section to another, up to 100′ can be powered with just one drive section. The optional cart makes storage & mobility easy.

“I never expected to use it in so many places.”

“I just extended my arms hundreds of feet.”

Product Details

For more flexibility, we offer our Drop In Drive (DID) system that adds power to any Non-Motor section of conveyor. Versatility is the key to using equipment efficiently.

You can add the DID system in line with a 100’ run stretching to 150’ or more. Or you can set up a short planting conveyor using a couple of Non-Motor conveyors on a bench or stands. Loading trucks is a snap as the conveyor beds can sit flat on the floor. Attach the DID on the end and convey product to the front of the trailer. As the trailer begins to fill, remove one section after another, working your way out of the trailer.

This power unit weighs approximately 40 lbs and uses 110V AC.

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