5 Ways Small Manufacturers Can Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

When it comes to small business manufacturing, all systems need to be running at peak efficiency to minimize downtime and maximize profits. Let’s talk about 5 ways you may be able to improve manufacturing efficiency in your facility.

#1 Utilize Your Entire Space

Are there areas of your space or business assets that could be working for you? Examine parts of your facility that are underutilized or even forgotten. This could include storage space that’s just collecting dust or machinery that isn’t in use and could be repaired, upgraded, or disposed of to make room for new equipment or processes. 

Focus on the parts of your business that could be running at a greater capacity, and look for ways to improve manufacturing efficiency in each one. Also consider that eliminating extra items to add space could allow for greater flexibility, more room for employees to move around comfortably, and increase the airflow within your facility to keep machinery and workers cool.

#2 Change the Facility Layout

If the layout of your facility isn’t conducive to productivity, it may need to be changed to improve manufacturing efficiency. Are things too spread out, or are there roadblocks within the manufacturing environment stifling productivity with an inefficient arrangement? You can redesign your facility to cut out extra space or movement, and rearrange furniture, equipment, and paths for employees to move in a strategic way to eliminate inefficiencies. 

Start this redesign process by monitoring your daily workflow and taking note of the areas where operations could be streamlined by eliminating distance, easing the strain on your employees, and implementing useful technology.

#3 Improve Manufacturing Energy Efficiency

Improving manufacturing efficiency goes beyond finding shorter routes and faster ways of doing things, it also comes down to the materials and fixtures in your facility. Pursuing energy efficiency in your building not only benefits the environment but also cuts operational costs to make your manufacturing facility more efficient. You can look for efficient lighting alternatives, update your healing and cooling system, change out electrical fixtures, or invest in climate control to manage the costs associated with powering your facility and saving you money year after year. 

#4 Invest in Your Employees 

The greatest tool any manufacturing business has at their disposal is their workforce. It’s the area where productivity and efficiency can either become a drain on company resources — or a major asset. Improving employee working conditions, sponsoring additional training and other ways of investing in your employees will help them enjoy their work and work more efficiently. 

Simple things like making sure your employees always have access to refreshing water or coffee, or nutritional meals to keep them balanced and focused goes a long way toward improving employee productivity, and therefore improving manufacturing efficiency. 

Also, better trained employees feel more confident in their abilities and movements, and as a result get more done, faster. Investing in employee training will improve manufacturing efficiency, and it may empower your workers to identify more inefficiencies within the company and innovate solutions to improve things themselves.

#5 Automate With New Technology

Technology that makes you and your employees’ jobs easier should be implemented wherever it has the most benefit for your process — and bottom line. Take a look at some of the simple work tasks that take up the most employee time and energy and see where you could automate or substitute technology. Or, there may be technology that takes the burden off your employees, or helps them do their job quicker, which will save labor hours. Time consuming actions, such as in moving products from one place to another, can be simplified using modular conveyor belts.

A simple solution such as lightweight, modular conveyor belts can improve manufacturing efficiency for nonstandard tasks. They move products to your employees easily which saves time and energy for your employees, allowing them to devote themselves to more skilled work. Modular conveyor belts have the added ability of being easily stored when not in use to save valuable floor space. 

For irregular and infrequent manufacturing processes, Rapid-Veyor’s portable modular conveyors are the ideal solution. They save your employees time and energy and improve the manufacturing efficiency of your facility. For more information about the Rapid-Veyor’s advantages for your business, reach out to us today.

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