Ways Portable Conveyor Belts Can Improve Greenhouse Productivity

Many greenhouses work with short growing seasons and even shorter selling seasons. That means when the busy season does roll around, time is of the essence. You need to maximize your productivity now, so you can maximize your profits later. One great way to improve greenhouse productivity is to implement portable conveyor belts. Here are 4 ways they work to help you get more work done, in less time. 

Reduce Labor Costs and Wasted Time

A portable conveyor belt can act as a 100ft extension of your workers’ arms. Instead of having to walk every plant from one house to another, with just one plant in each hand, workers can place plants and products on the conveyor belt at one end, and have the material arrive at the other end to workers waiting there to place it. 

This saves a significant amount of non-value added labor and time. What used to take a worker dozens of trips can now be done efficiently with just two to four workers total. With the rising costs of labor, this helps your greenhouse increase productivity, while reducing the costs associated with labor

Boost Planting Productivity

Whether you’re transporting seedlings out to the field or filling planters a portable conveyor belt is a huge convenience when it comes to productivity. Again, the conveyor helps reduce unnecessary labor by transporting large quantities of plants from one house to another. 

More than that, however, a portable conveyor belt can temporarily turn your greenhouse into an assembly line, where workers are able to fill many planters at once. When it comes to the field, instead of carrying each tray of seedlings out from the greenhouse or truck to their designated spot, conveyors are able to deliver that material directly to the point of use. 

Efficient Loading and Unloading of Trailers

Loading and unloading trailers is a time-consuming part of any greenhouse’s day. For a short time, you need all hands on deck, to either fill or empty that trailer. Portable conveyor belts help reduce that labor and make the process faster, as well. When you only need one or two workers to load or unload a truck, everyone else is free to continue with their regular tasks. 

The workers who are assigned to the truck can simply place products on the conveyor, and let the belt take the product into or out of the vehicle, reducing a lot of back and forth, and a lot of time. Best of all, when the trailer is all set to go, the conveyor is lightweight and easy to remove and store out of the way

Ensure Product Delivery, When You Need It

When it comes to greenhouse productivity, customer satisfaction is the bottom line. If you can get your customers what they need, when they need it, your greenhouse is going to do well. Portable conveyor belts help in this endeavor by ensuring the plants and products your customers want are always available. 

With fast, easy setup and complete versatility of use across the greenhouse, a portable conveyor belt helps you keep your greenhouse well stocked with the products your customers want. And when you get those products to them as quickly as possible, you improve profitability along with productivity. 

Portable conveyor belts have a multitude of uses across any commercial greenhouse. They save your workers steps, and they save you time, amounting to more work done, in less time. If you’re looking to increase productivity throughout your greenhouse, and are interested in a portable conveyor belt, let us know. We’d love to match you with a conveyor system that can improve your greenhouse productivity. 


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