Modular Conveyor Belts for Small Businesses

Many SMBs are looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency in-house, without making a huge investment in tools and solutions they won’t be able to use in a year from now. If you’re an SMB that needs to move material, whether you’re unloading trucks, developing an assembly process, parcel handling, or stocking and organizing a warehouse, a modular conveyor belt system can help. Here are just a few of the ways modular conveyor belts work for SMBs:


Rapid-Veyor modular conveyor belts keep materials moving. That means they’re perfect for your small to mid-sized business’s warehousing applications. Easily set up conveyors where you need them to stock and restock warehouse bins and shelves. When restocking is complete, move the portable conveyor to the next location, or put them away to maximize space on your warehouse floor. 

Most small businesses are stuck in tight quarters. You can’t afford to have conveyor belts constantly taking up precious space. Rapid-Veyor modular conveyor belts solve this problem with easy portability and modularity that ensures you only need to pull out as much conveyor as you need, and you can store it away when your job is done. 

Parcel Handling

As online giants like Amazon continue to grow, third-party delivery services and delivery service partners are popping up across the country. Ease the workload of your delivery service company with modular conveyor belts. Perfect for small businesses, Rapid-Veyor’s conveyor belts are lightweight, portable, and can be customized to fit any application. 

Parcel handling is made considerably easier with the help of a conveyor belt that can send your parcels from one part of your building to another, with minimal employee labor required. Set up multiple short conveyor belts to sort parcels to different bins or vehicles, and easily break them down when sorting is complete for more space in your facility.  


Small to mid-sized manufacturers still assemble parts and products. With a smaller facility and shorter process lines, though, a heavy-duty conveyor belt isn’t always the best option. Your processes may change from day to day, and you need a conveyor system that can shift to meet those needs. 

Modular conveyor belts like Rapid-Veyor ensure you always have the conveyor system you need, wherever you need it. Easily break down sections of conveyor and move them to another part of your facility, or add conveyor sections to accommodate a longer assembly line. As your facility grows, you can reconfigure modular conveyor belts to meet your changing needs.

Truck Loading and Unloading

Nearly every SMB receives shipments. Rapid-Veyor’s portable, modular conveyor belts offer the perfect solution to make unloading those shipments efficient. Rapid-Veyor conveyors can sit directly on the truck floor, where employees can snap on additional sections of conveyor belt as they work farther into the truck. This feature works in reverse, for loading trucks, as well. As a truck begins to fill with product, simply remove conveyor sections as you go, making your conveyor right-sized for the job.

Modular Conveyor Belts Fit the Changing Needs Of Growing SMBs

SMBs in any industry are constantly growing and shifting. You need solutions that can grow and adapt to your new processes, warehouse, and material handling applications. Modular conveyor belts offer you the flexibility and affordability you need. Store them away in a closet when you’re not using them, make them longer when your business grows, and make them shorter when you’re using them for a specific, short-term application. The benefit of a portable modular conveyor belt is that you can set them up virtually anywhere, and use them to get your materials flowing exactly where they need to go. 

If your SMB is looking for affordable investments that can help you boost productivity in the long-term, you can’t beat a portable, modular conveyor belt from Rapid-Veyor. Give us a call at (616) 662-0954 or contact us online to learn more about how our conveyor belts can help improve your company’s daily operations.