Exploring the Versatility of Rapid-Veyor

The Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt is an exceptionally versatile tool for greenhouses, nurseries, and even small businesses and manufacturers looking for a warehouse conveyor or small case packaging solution. Because our portable conveyor belt comes in 12.5′ or 20′ lengths, you can customize the length of your Rapid-Veyor system depending on your application and the current task at hand. 

We know it’s hard to imagine what all you could possibly use a material handling conveyor for before you have one, so we thought we’d give you a closer look at the versatility of the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt. Whether you’re not sure you’d use it, or you’re just not sure how you’d use a portable conveyor belt, here are some real-life examples of many of the ways our customers have implemented Rapid-Veyor products at their facilities in the past:

Loading Trucks

The Rapid-Veyor conveyor belt is immensely useful for loading and unloading trucks. You can attach and remove sections of the belt easily, and because our portable conveyor can be placed directly on the trailer floor, it’s perfectly customizable for you as you load or unload a truck. 

If you’re loading, simply run lengths of conveyor all the way to the back of the truck. As the truck fills, remove conveyor sections as you work your way out. Unloading works similarly. Add conveyor sections as you get further into the trailer. The Rapid-Veyor eliminates a lot of unnecessary walking and makes loading and unloading trucks a snap. Best of all, conveyor sections are easily sloped to ground level if docks aren’t available. 

In The Field

We have a number of customers who actually use their Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belts to fill and harvest their Mum fields. Our available drop-in-drives are easily powered by a portable generator, and instead of walking two or three plants at a time to their destination, your workers can load mums onto the conveyor belt, where they’re carried all the way to their destination directly and efficiently. This is a great application for many greenhouses who are struggling with a labor shortage, especially in the fall when younger workers go back to school. One grower recently told us they were able to see a 75% labor savings in this application vs without Rapid-Veyor portable modular conveyor. Another said his ROI was months not years!

Production Area Conveyor

The Rapid-Veyor doesn’t always have to be used as a long conveyor belt. Take just a few sections and use them for a variety of production area processes. Perfect for packaging, sorting, planting, or installing decorative sleeves, using several sections of conveyor makes a versatile material handling conveyor that’s functional for a variety of industries. Sections of conveyor can sit directly on the ground, or stands or benches can bring the conveyor up to waist level for improved ergonomics. 

Around Corners

If you’re hoping to deliver plants or materials directly to their destination, Rapid-Veyor offers attachments that can direct items around corners. Our inside corner kit, outside corner kit, and power diverter arm are all great solutions that get your materials exactly where they need to go, without requiring manual labor. 

Across-Greenhouse Conveyor

Greenhouses often have to move a number of plants across their entire facility, or from one greenhouse to another. This situation typically calls for many hands on deck and can add up to miles and miles of walking for your workers. Since the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt can extend to the length that suits you best, you can stretch sections from one building to the next, add power, and send plants along the conveyor belt, rather than hand-transporting them across your facility. Since our conveyor sections lay flat on surfaces, they’re great for filling growing benches or the greenhouse floor if you’re moving plant material and varied containers. 

You can also efficiently fill a Quonset greenhouse from the outside with our portable conveyor belts. Trailer the product to the door, set the conveyor up to run down the walk aisle, and easily fill your entire greenhouse with just two people in a minimal amount of time. When you move to the next greenhouse, simply break down the conveyor, and set it up again in the new location. Not only does this save your workers, but it’s much more efficient. You get more plants where they’re going, in considerably less time. 

Small Business and Manufacturing Applications

The Rapid-Veyor conveyor belt is a versatile solution for more than just nurseries and greenhouses. Because sections are easily added or removed, any length of conveyor can be used to suit any application. For example, you might use it for a warehouse conveyor, for parcel shipping, or for small case packaging. If you’re unloading small box orders, the conveyor provides a safer, more efficient alternative to the two-wheel dolly. If your small business or manufacturing company is looking for a material handling solution that can easily be repurposed across your facility, the Rapid-Veyor is the customizable, versatile solution you need. 

Additional Features that Add to The Rapid-Veyor’s Versatility

We’ve talked about a lot of specific applications that the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt is perfectly suited to, but it’s good to know that there are so many more ways to use this system than we could ever spell out. To help you better imagine how this system can work for you, here are a few of the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt’s features that add to its versatility:


The entire Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt system is very lightweight. It’s not cumbersome to lift or move around, and two people can set up 100′ of conveyor in about 10 minutes. Our 100′ packages also come with a cart that makes storing and moving the entire system simple. There’s no hassle in moving this system from one end of your facility to the next. 

Variable Speed

Our portable conveyor belt system comes complete with a variable speed drive that can operate in forward, and in reverse. That means you can easily move material in both directions if necessary, without having to move your entire conveyor belt set-up. 

Functions On the Ground and On Stands

Whether it’s easier to simply lay the conveyor belt sections on the ground, or it’s more comfortable to have them on stands where they’re easily reached, the Rapid-Veyor can do both. Our Drop-in-Drive A (for above) easily powers lengths of your conveyor as it sits directly on the ground. This is great for larger plants or hanging baskets. Our Drop-in-Drive B (for below) can power your portable conveyor as it rests on stands — at a comfortable height for moving smaller plants, and helping eliminate some of the bending and reaching that can injure your workers. 

No matter what your application, the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt is a simple, effective solution that can boost your business’s efficiency, no matter where you use it. If you have more questions about Rapid-Veyor portable modular conveyor going or about a specific application you have in mind, please let us know. We’d love to help.