To maximize the portability of Rapid-Veyor, many customers opt to run off a generator. Our recommendation is to use 1 generator for each motorized section or drop in drive. Going with a small 1000w or 2000w generator will provide you maximum portability. It’s also important to keep your cord length as short as possible to reduce potential voltage drop.

Most of these generators weight 50-60 lbs, and are specifically designed to be ultra portable, fuel efficient, and quiet. Some of them have ability to pair up so that 2 units combine to effectively provide nearly double the wattage.

Inverter generators provide a very clean power source. They also have an economy mode which allows them to run only fast enough to provide power demanded. This saves fuel and reduces noise.

Here are some suggestions/resources to consider for generators.
We make no guarantees regarding the suitability of any of the following. You should consult with your dealer or the manufacturer for specific model information.

-EU2200i click here
-EU1000i click here

-EF2000ISV2 click here
-EF1000IS click here

-100306 click here
-73536i click here

Harbor Freight Predator:
-2000 watt super quiet inverter generator click here