4 Key Features of the Rapid Veyor Portable Modular Conveyor

If you’ve been considering a portable modular conveyor system for your business or greenhouse, you’re probably comparing a few options. You’re looking for the best solution for your application, right? Well, here are a few of the key features that make Rapid-Veyor’s system a top choice in the industry for lightweight, portable conveyor applications. 

Drop-In Drive System With Variable Speed

The Rapid-Veyor portable modular conveyor is easily powered by two different drop-in drive options. Depending on your application, choose from a drive that sits on top of the conveyor, or one that rests below. These drives are portable, can power up to 100′ of conveyor, and feature variable speed drives that make working from the belt a breeze. Our drop-in drives also operate in both forward and reverse, making operation seamless no matter where your conveyor is set up. 

portable conveyor

12.5 and 20-Foot Conveyor Sections

The Rapid-Veyor portable modular conveyor system was designed to offer clients versatility. Conveyor sections are available in both 12.5 and 20-foot lengths to suit any application. These lengths can then be connected and powered by one drop-in drive. Ideal for unique spaces and a variety of applications, multiple lengths of conveyor section ensure you can assemble the perfect solution for your application. 

Drop ‘N Lock Setup System

Rapid-Veyor’s unique Drop ‘N Lock system makes our portable modular conveyor simple to set up. As the name suggests, simply drop sections of conveyor together, and they’ll lock securely. You can connect up to 100’ of conveyor and power it all with just one drive, which also drops right in and locks into place. This system ensures that your portable modular conveyor is simple to set up, and safe to operate, no matter where you’re using it. 

Lightweight Design Makes Storage and Mobility Easy

The Rapid-Veyor portable modular conveyor system is constructed with a lightweight but durable aluminum frame that makes it easy for even just one person to move and store. Our portable modular conveyor also comes with a convenient cart for storage. Simply lift each lightweight section onto the cart, and wheel them all into storage with ease. 

portable modular conveyor rapid veyor

Interested to learn more about how a Rapid Veyor Conveyor Belt could work for you? Get in touch at 616-662-0954 or contact us online! We’d love to answer any questions you might have, and help you find the perfect conveyor system for your application.