5 Simple Ways to Improve Greenhouse Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most important attributes of a successful greenhouse is its ability to move product efficiently in order to keep up with demand. If you don’t move it, you lose it (as in revenue)! Of course, energy efficiency is just as vital, not only to manage growing conditions, but also costs. 

So, how can you improve your greenhouse efficiency? Here are 5 easy things you can do to move product faster while also keeping plants happy, and your budget intact.  

1. Invest in Upgrades

To improve the overall efficiency of your greenhouse, replace old, low-efficient equipment with newer, high-efficiency models. This goes for motors, fans, and even lighting. Remember, the whole is only as efficient as its parts!

  • Motors – swapping out a single-phase motor for a three-phase one can improve efficiency by as much as 10%!
  • Fans – the higher the ventilation efficiency ratio, the better.
  • Lighting – choose compact or tubular fluorescent fixtures or metal halide ones. 

2. Keep it Clean!

Now that you’ve upgraded to highly efficient equipment, make sure it stays that way by keeping your investments clean. Dirt and buildup can lessen efficiency by hindering your equipment’s performance. Obviously, that would defeat the purpose of upgrading in the first place, so remember…a little elbow grease goes a long way!

3. Eliminate Leaks 

Give your greenhouse a good look-over and use a caulk gun to seal any holes or cracks you find. Install weather stripping around doors, windows, vents, and fans. Be sure the perimeter is insulated, as well as the north wall, so the cold wind stays out and the heat stays in. You can also plant hedges or trees or even install a snow fence outside the north wall as a wind barrier to protect your greenhouse, as well as your efficiency efforts.    

4. Embrace Automation

To keep things running smoothly, keep your control systems in tune and don’t be afraid to automate! You can optimize lighting efficiency by using automated timers. Use technology like sensors and monitors to control everything from temperature, humidity, ventilation, and irrigation. You can even speed up the packaging process, streamline the time spent on inventory management, increase quality control, and more!  Automation can not only help improve energy-efficiency, but the overall efficiency of your staff and your business as well.    

5. Utilize Conveyor Belts

Portable conveyor belts, like the modular systems from Rapid-Veyor, make loading and unloading product super-efficient, and moving plants within your greenhouse a breeze. Conveyor belts save tons of time and make things a whole lot easier on your employees, too. And the fact that they’re simple to set up quickly and store makes them quite possibly the easiest way of all to improve greenhouse efficiencies. 

Ready to Improve Your Greenhouse Efficiency? 

If you want to make your greenhouse as efficient (and profitable!) as possible, follow the tips above, and learn more about how Rapid-Veyor can help. Connect with us online or give us a call at 616-662-0954 today.

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