4 Greenhouse Automation Equipment Must-Haves

Every greenhouse operator, and any business owner for that matter, knows that automated processes can increase efficiencies and reduce costs. They can also help combat labor shortage — a problem that definitely keeps those in the greenhouse industry up at night. However, becoming fully automated takes time, and implementing automation can come with a pretty sizable price tag. So how do you tap into the benefits automation can provide? Start by concentrating on these 4 must-haves of greenhouse automation equipment.

Greenhouse Automation Equipment to Focus on First

Automation Must-Have #1:  Monitoring Systems

Automated monitoring systems can help in numerous ways, from keeping those all-important temperature and moisture levels regulated to freeing up employees so they can perform less mundane, more important tasks (especially when there aren’t enough employees to go around). These systems can also help to monitor the health of your plants, letting you know if something requires your attention without the need for tedious spot checks and walkthroughs. 

Automation Must-Have #2: Smart Software 

Investing in what it takes to run a smart greenhouse is, well, smart. Smart computer software uses sensors to monitor and control climate conditions for an optimum growing environment and lower energy costs. You can use smart software to automatically schedule and control heat, humidity, light, ventilation, and irrigation. Smart software saves tons of time and money, and, since you’ll have a lot less to worry about at the end of each day, it just generally makes your life easier. 

Automation Must-Have #3: Plant Packaging

An automated packaging process makes for lower labor costs and higher production rates, both of which are on every greenhouse operator’s wish list. Using automation for the packaging process makes it more efficient, less wasteful, and much more cost-effective. At the same time, it helps with quality control as well as employee safety. You get consistency, accuracy, and increased productivity all in one, and what’s not to love about that?

Automation Must-Have #4: Conveyor Belts

Last, but certainly not least, conveyor belts are perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to incorporate greenhouse automation equipment into your business. Portable, modular conveyor belts like the Rapid-Veyor system are easy to move and store, and can be customized to meet your needs. Used to speed up and simplify everyday tasks like transporting plants in, out, and around your facility, they can also save time and energy, not to mention your employees’ backs!  

Greenhouse Automation Equipment Will Get You Closer to Your Goals

Just think: you can get more work done with fewer people, decreasing costs and increasing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Not sure which equipment to turn to first? Rapid-Veyor is a great place to start. 

If you’re a greenhouse owner or manager working to automate aspects of your greenhouse, contact the Rapid-Veyor team today. Our portable, modular conveyor belts are the perfect solution to begin reaping the benefits of automation without breaking your budget. Call 616-662-0954 to find out more. 

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