4 Strategies for Overcoming Greenhouse Labor Challenges

The greenhouse labor shortage is affecting businesses across the industry. Companies are under more pressure than ever to discover how to make their labor dollars stretch the furthest, and how to attract and retain the right workers. Let’s discuss 4 strategies you can implement in your commercial greenhouse to start solving the greenhouse labor challenge for your business.

#1 Automate Simple Tasks to Save Greenhouse Labor

You can employ automatic watering, planting, and harvesting processes within your commercial greenhouse to save greenhouse labor on repetitive tasks. You can even use even environmental monitoring systems which automate temperature and humidity regulation for various zones of your greenhouse, set to specifications you choose.

With the automated tasks solved, the workers you have will be able to focus their time and energy on the more skilled tasks that make your greenhouse more productive and more profitable.

#2 Use Technology to Streamline Greenhouse Labor

A modern commercial greenhouse is one that uses technology to advance its goals. Technology can be used to streamline labor tasks within your commercial greenhouse, reducing the need for employees with automation, or by speeding up or facilitating tasks. One example of the latter is the use of modular conveyor belts. Modular conveyor belts can be used to transport plants, materials, and equipment across the greenhouse floor with ease, which reduces the strain on employees who have to load carts or manually carry items from one place to another. 

They also can be set up to speed up tasks like planting, fertilizing, packaging, and more — the options are infinite. Modular conveyor belts are efficient in the space because they are lightweight, and can be easily moved, collapsed, and stored to use in another part of the greenhouse or when not in use.

#3 Attract Skilled Greenhouse Labor

For tasks you can’t automate, hire skilled laborers to fill roles at your commercial greenhouse. With the money you save on simplifying simple tasks, you can attract more skilled workers with higher wages and perks to complete the more complex tasks within your greenhouse, such as caring for delicate plants, updating watering schedules, and supervising automated equipment.

#4 Optimize Your Space to Improve Greenhouse Labor Quality

Optimization isn’t just for technology, you can also optimize your space to make work tasks more efficient.

Locate items strategically in your greenhouse by storing all tools, equipment, and materials where they’re most frequently used. Place shears, shovels, and pots, carts, and any other necessary items close to high-traffic areas to minimize the steps for the laborers you do have. 

This strategy may sound simple but it can save your workers from having to cross from one end of the greenhouse to the other to obtain what they need to complete their task. Minimizing the extra steps to complete tasks optimizes your employee’s workflow, so they can get more done in a shift and make your greenhouse more efficient. Make it someone’s responsibility to make sure all work areas are restocked with materials as needed.

The greenhouse labor challenge is one facing everyone in the industry. One way to help minimize the effects of this challenge is to invest in automation and technology solutions like the Rapid-Veyor portable conveyor belt. For more information, contact the Rapid-Veyor team today.


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