What is a Drop-in Drive and Why is it Ideal for Greenhouse Conveyors?

There are a number of greenhouse conveyor systems on the market. While they all claim to do much the same thing — help you move products and materials faster and more efficiently — they all work a little differently. Some conveyors feature a drive conveyor section that powers subsequent sections, while others make use of powered rollers, magnets, and more. Each type of greenhouse conveyor has its own merits and applications, but one type of conveyor that is ideal for nearly any greenhouse application is a portable modular conveyor with a drop-in drive. Here’s what you need to know about a drop-in drive, and why it’s ideal for greenhouse conveyors:

What is a Drop-in Drive?

True to its name, a drop-in drive is a small, portable unit that can add power to any section of conveyor. Great for light-duty use, it can make any existing conveyor more versatile by powering up to 50 feet but may be able to power even more depending on the weight of the product.

Quality drop-in drives feature variable speed and can operate in both forward and reverse. This enables the drop-in drive to suit a variety of applications, from loading trailers to transporting plants and material across your greenhouse. 

Drop-in drives are also easy to install and remove. Weighing around 40lbs, it’s easy to simply drop in the drive, lock the shaft, and power your conveyor. To move your portable modular conveyor, or to power a different conveyor line, simply unlock the shaft and remove the drive. 

Drop-in Drive A Vs. Drop-in Drive B

Rapid-Veyor offers two drop-in drive options, a drop-in drive A and a drop-in drive B. Both drives offer the same functionality — variable speed, forward and reverse, power to 50′ conveyor runs — and both use 110V AC for power. The difference is primarily in the drive’s placement. 

Drop-in drive A sits above the conveyor run (“A” stands for Above). This makes it ideal for conveyor applications where it’s preferred to have the conveyor sit directly, or very close to the ground. Makes use of a variable speed, ½ HP AC motor which works best at 50% speed or higher.

Drop-in drive B sits below the conveyor belt (“B” stands for Below). This is perfect for applications where you need to move large products that may be wider than the belt. When the drive sits below the conveyor, you don’t have to worry about items catching on it or bumping into it. Drop-in drive B is also ideal for conveyors resting on stands. Makes use of a variable speed, ⅓ HP DC motor which makes the same torque at any speed.

Why Drop-in Drives Are Ideal for Greenhouse Conveyors:

So, what is the point of a drop-in drive? What benefits does it afford over a more traditional conveyor belt with a powered belt section? Here are just a couple of the reasons we provide drop-in drives with our portable modular greenhouse conveyors:


First and foremost, a drop-in drive offers ultimate versatility. Most greenhouses perform different activities every day. Where one day you might be unloading a trailer, you might be moving seedlings across a barn the next. A drop-in drive offers you the versatility you need to implement one greenhouse conveyor system for both of those applications. Line up just a few conveyor belt sections for the first, or a 50′ run for the second application — a drop-in drive can power both setups with ease. 

Variable speed, and the ability to power conveyor belts in both forward and reverse also saves time and adds to the overall versatility of the drop-in drive. 

Small, Portable Unit

At just 40lbs, a drop-in drive is compact and portable. This ideal for a large greenhouse with a number of barns and even fields of plants and flowers. Your team doesn’t need to lug a huge conveyor system across your facility. Instead, they can easily carry just the lightweight conveyor sections they need, and a small portable drop-in drive to power them. This added convenience ensures your team is able to get the most use out of your conveyor, ensuring a truly portable solution. 

Easily Powered Outdoors with a Small Generator 

Finally, a greenhouse conveyor drop-in drive enables you to move that conveyor system outdoors. When paired with a small generator, a drop-in drive can power entire lengths of conveyor outdoors and in your fields. Again, this drop-in drive functionality increases the potential for use of your greenhouse conveyor system across your facility. Its application isn’t confined to just interior barns with a nearby outlet — you can use a portable conveyor with a drop in drive anywhere on the property. 

The drop-in drive that comes standard with all Rapid-Veyor conveyor belt systems is a uniquely versatile tool that makes assembling a powered conveyor belt system easy, no matter where you’re using it. To learn more about our unique drop-in drive, and how it sets us apart from other conveyors in the market, get in touch.

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