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5 Best Benefits of Modular Conveyor Design

Are you considering investing in a conveyor system? A modular belt conveyor might be right for you! We’ll walk you through what modular conveyor design entails, how it’s different from traditional conveyors, as well as a few unique features and benefits. 

What Is a Modular Conveyor?

Modular belt conveyor systems are extremely robust and can be used in a multitude of ways for all sorts of transport applications. Unlike a traditional conveyor, which is permanently installed, typically with one or few long conveyor sections, a modular conveyor is made up of individual conveyor sections. Each section can easily snap together and is powered by a drop-in drive

We like to think of modular conveyors as a middle ground between belt conveyors and chain conveyors. In contrast to chain conveyors, this design requires less maintenance and is a more convenient solution. 

5 Benefits of Modular Conveyor Design

1. Flexible Design Shapes

A standout feature of modular conveyors is that they’re available in two shapes: straight and curved. Their flexible design allows straight and curved pieces to be combined to easily navigate around a variety of areas. 

2. Easy to Clean

One of the best things about modular conveyors is that they’re easy to clean and durable. This makes them an ideal option for many major industries. Greenhouse businesses, for example, use these systems a lot and can easily clean up dirt and debris. 

3. Fully Customizable 

Modular conveyors offer a design principle that subdivides a system into smaller parts, or modules. This means that each belt system can be independently built, modified, or replaced. This feature makes it extremely convenient to switch out parts in the case of damage or needing to upsize or downsize.

4. Portable/Transportable

Modular conveyors are lightweight, which means they’re perfect for applications where you might need a conveyor once a day or week. Once the job is done, you can easily break down the conveyor and move it out of the way until you need it again. This will allow space for more profitable activities. 

5. Variable Speeds

The drop-in drive of modular conveyor systems allow for variable speeds, so you can make the conveyor go faster or slower depending on your task. This is perfect for assembly applications where you might need to slow down the conveyor if someone falls behind. 

Introducing: The Rapid-Veyor

Since 1994, Rapid-Veyor has been specializing in portable conveyor solutions. Our Portable Modular Conveyor (PMC) is here to make your life easier. 

Our PMCs are first in class because they are lightweight and versatile and will help you save on labor. Plus, every system is backed by our two-year warranty. 

Some of the best specs of our PMCs include:

  • Available in 12.5’ or 20’ lengths
  • Variable speeds
  • Lightweight 
  • Forward and reverse options
  • 10’’ wide beds and 12’’ wide beds available
  • Aluminum bed
  • V-groove belt
  • Rubber-coated pulleys
  • No stands required
  • Above and below drop-in drives available
  • Variety of wheels available for your surface

“Why did I wait so long to purchase a Rapid-Veyor? I can’t imagine my life without it!” – Customer

Learn More About Rapid-Veyor

If you’re looking for a versatile solution to handle a number of industrial processes, consider the Rapid-Veyor. It’s a portable, modular conveyor belt that is capable of streamlining any job — and it’s extremely lightweight, making setup and reconfiguration simple! Contact our team today for more information. 

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